Miui 2×2 photo frame

I made my own 2×2 picture frame to match the music mod theme I am using..


This is the config for it…

and to download it, heres the link…



To install, do not extract the .zip file, simply place it in the following directory.


9 responses to “Miui 2×2 photo frame

  1. Roy

    is it possible to you use this really nice widget also without miui? Would be nice on my Galaxy Tab! 🙂
    Good Work!

  2. hi im having a problem dropping it in the gadgets folder. it doesn’t appear. I’ve used androzip and when i try to drop it into the photo frame folder it would say that it can’t move the folder because of system permissions. is there a solution to this?? thanks

  3. well ive tried about three different explorers and they wont copy. the thing is on my phone I have to go to system then media then gadget then photo_frame. the gadget folder isn’t in my MIUI folder, would that be the problem? sorry for all the questions

    • Yeah, that’s why it won’t work. It should be in the following directory. It will be there, if it isn’t then create the folder.
      Sdcard } MIUI } gadgets } photo frame
      From the look of it, you are in the phone storage rather than the sd card. Hence why it won’t let you place it there. Hope this helps

  4. maykel

    Nice work! I know your developing for MIUI at the moment any chance something can get developed for non-rooted users?

  5. Hilman

    Wondering if you’d be able to help me make my own, I’m not sure where to start I want to be able to contribute to the community 🙂

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