Go launcher still rules!

Not really changed much as I am loving this setup. Just the wallpaper and the weather skin, plus the layout of the icons with minimalistic text. I don’t know what to say really I can’t bring myself to change it too much.
Oh and I added the amana lockscreen too.


11 responses to “Go launcher still rules!

  1. fendiking

    can you please release your status bar

  2. Razer

    How to get the clock with the weather? guess it is mclock

    • Its mclock, but when you use go launcher you can use the 4×2 widget resized on a 10×10 grid and the weather just sits underneath but overlaps.
      The weather widget is fancy widget pro.
      The font is called caviar dreams.
      hope this helps.

  3. Louis

    How do you put a name aside the icons on the last screenshot ?? Two differents widgets or just one ??

  4. and now with the goLocker rules more and more 😀

    nice concept

  5. youlee

    hi, can u tell me please how to have big icons like on miui launcher on go launcher? sorry if it’s a stupid question

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